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So how does SendGraph work?

Helping your business thrive in online competitive enviroment by saving your time with managing your workflow

1. Sign Up For An Account

Get started with a free account and start to use the service free for entire life. No credit card required.

2. Setup A List And Form

After sign up for an account setup your email list and form associate with it .

3. Setup An Automation

Once you setup an email list and form you can now setup your automation for your customers.

SendGraph Integrations

Restful API available to allow developers maximum control over the data.

Webhooks available to export all useful data out of SMTP provider to SendGraph in realtime so you can check all of your opens, click, bounces, spam complaints and unsusbcribe in one place.

SendGraph allow many integrations with no codding required.

Build your own marketing template in minutes using Drag and Drop template builder.

Clients Who Trust Us

Starting with small and medium businesses and all the way to US-wide and multi-national corporations, in the last 3 years.

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